The Story…

The ndngirls story
starting back in 2009 i began filming ndngirls in thunder bay, ontario. i’m from east oakland california and had never seen native girls in large numbers until moving to canada. they defied all the stereotypes i had been indoctrinated with. cute, petite, asian features, nice hair, and a bit of exoticness rarely seen in america caught my eye. i began filming any 18+ girl who came my way. soon friends were bringing friends, and a series was born. i had always filmed local girls in florida, california, dominican republic, etc and canada was no different, except for the super large concentration of natives
i searched for native american porn and came up with fake results. white chicks wearing feathers and buckskins and whatnot. typical hollywood shit. i couldn’t find anything authentic with real native american girls for some reason. thus was born the obvious concept of creating 🙂
although NDNgirls was my 5th adult video series it was the only videos most people paid any attention to. the controvesy. international controversy. all over some fucking movies. from 2011 to present day, the OJJDP ICAC in Indian Country has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from their $114 million annual budget on attempting to shut down and entrap me. Googling USDOJ document “B4PP.pdf” reveals part of their plan, which coincides with their entrapment activities in following my movements from Dollar Tree stores in San Leandro California, to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic with California district attorney Dorian A. Peters California bar ID #261863, LAX fake hookers telling me they want to hoe for me, and even so far as sending fat black niggers to Bangkok and Phuket Thailand to spy on me. I only wish I were joking about this. Apparently I’ve a very important person and these native american indian girls movies are an issue. I’ve offered a public ultimatum for anyone (including the OJJDPICAC in Indian Country) to purchase for the lowly sum of only $50k if they were really serious about taking the bulk of native american porn off the internet, but I do not sincerely think they want this. How else would they continue renewing their federal grant money at the expense of the american taxpaper (ojjdp is federally funded) if they didn’t have Shimelesse Mekbeb as a scapegoat.
So here I am, a half-black half-ethiopian american canadian permanent resident speaking spanish living in the dominican republic filming porn with native american indian girls when i’m not in thailand kickboxing, running on the beach, or doing hiit cardio on the rooftop. this makes perfect sense. so expect more updates to as time goes on. Same with all my websites and movies, which are essentially neverending stories. Join up and see what happens next. I’m Shimmy and I love to fuck dominicans, jews, navajos, siouxs, and asians too. white girls on wednesdays and bank holidays.
see this is what happens when you give black people internet access. welcome to the best and only exclusive native american indian porn movies on the internet. i’m shimmy your host.
today we will be exploring thunder bay, ontario canada. about 30 minutes from the us border crossing at grand portage, minnesota. home of the chippewa band where i worked for a few years. thunder bay has a large native population. the girls are so user friendly they actually hop in your car while you’re stopped at red lights in certain parts of town. no joke. there is a stereotype to native girls being aggressive (in contrast to how they are portrayed in hollywood) and having lived and worked amongst them for about 7 years I feel that i’m qualified to speak on topic. anyone else who wants to live in -40 degree winters with snow up to your motherfucking kneecaps and work on a geographically isolated indian reservation 3hrs away from any major highway can vouch for this. or you can watch my videos and take my word as the truth.
this is the real deal people. I have no reason to stage these videos, make shit up, or try to portray people in any particular light. is what it is, and that is the definition of true amateur porn. i would often hear the from USA subscribers that canadian native girls are “halfbreeds” and not “full blooded”. i really dont know. I dont have any natives in my family, and just go on what they tell me. theres a little mini interview with each girl too. most canadian ndngirls are either Ojibwe or Cree. On the USA side there are the famous navajo (ie: Runaway Raina the OJJDP posterchild for human trafficing etc) also blackfoot and shawnee. Whatever the girls tell me. Although I gotta ask, you know how it is.