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ARIES - Fresh 18yo native american teen pornstar tryouts pt 1!

heyhey. whats good folks, so the lovely Aries Ackerman came by the NDNgirls halfway house and she auditioned beautifully and shot some good scenes. this was actually my favorite out back by the pool. we were interrupted a few times by passing boats in the canal which is normally quiet. weird shit happens when you shoot porn outdoors. Anyhow Aries is really pretty girl, athletic, tight young firm skin, and check out that dairy bar behind the Victoria secret green suede bra with the matching panties nigga. Pink makes some fly shit for girls. But yeah, nice thighs, nipples, and really white pretty eyes, her sclera is among the whitest I’ve ever seen you’d swear the girl takes Lutein everyday. more scenes in the members area folks. More updates, and more native american NDNgirls are on the way. I’m Shimmy and I approve this message. Download Arie’s full video in the members area.

AMBER - Cherokee Native wife craves wild interracial sex outdoors!

One thing I’ve learned from filming NDNgirls series for past decade, is that most native girls actually ENJOY fucking black guys. Especially the married ones. Amber is a certified nigger lover and I think thats a good thing for me. She eagerly swallows my dick and takes it on the spot in the front yard, back yard, courtyard… she loves the bottle too, like most girls with past stripper experience and is flexible as fuck to the point where Amber can do the splits on me. Enjoy, more native american girls are on the way. Download Amber’s full video in the members area.

KITTY - Blackfoot Native American porn star with a bubble butt!

Native American porn star Kitty Catherine from the Blackfoot tribe wore me the fuck out on NDNgirls #9 DVD. This big booty fit native chick is athletic as fuck. One look at them sexyass native pigtails my nigga and you know the punani is official and it’s about to go down like 9/11 up in here. Watch Kitty mount and ride me like a motherfucking racehorse then swallow millions of my unborn black babies with a big huge evil smile on her face! Lots of raceplay, racist jokes, stereotypes, and assorted @ShimmyXXX style shit talking going down in this one here folks. You can check out the DVD Trailer here, or just DOWNLOAD her FULL movie

DANICA - Horny Native American Deep Throat Blowjob Queen!

  • Danica. Just wowsers… Fucking amazing skills. Horny as fuck and loves to suck dick. Danica takes the dick deep in her mouth down to the base of the shaft and squeezes her lips and super wet mouth with all her might on your dick, polishing it back and forth to completion. Effort counts for a lot and this is one hard working girl that really sucks a mean one. Lots of  NDNgirls members love Danica’s movies and she’s got a bit of a fan following over the years. Danica is a beautiful mix of Ojibwe Native & Italian.

SIERRA - Petite fun sized package with perfect little pussy

Meet Sierra Sanchez. This hot and spicy 23yr old mixed race Native chick with super small pussy and perfect body jacked me off and took good care of me in my Holiday Inn suite. I feel smarter already. Sierra has an amazingly fit tight body and performed beautifully for NDNgirls. Her nipples are like little perfect hersheys kisses chocolate drops. Awesome physique and she delivers a super seductive scene down on her knees. Watch everything from my POV here @ NDNgirls.

CELINE - Pregnant Native girl sucks dick while smoking cigarettes

Just when you think you’ve seen everything on the motherfucking internet… leave it up to Shimmy to further decimate western civilization, one movie at a time. Meet Celene Morningbutterfly… Native American Ojibwe. Celene sucks the black off my dick in the bathroom while smoking a cigarette… while pregnant. Talk about multi-tasking. This is one of the episodes talked about on the news so often whenever NDNgirls is brought up, on CTV, CBC, APTN, etc. The fact that she’s pregnant and smoking, WHILE sucking dick seems to outrage a few entitled people on the internets. Such is life. She gives me such a voracious blowjob I could only last for a few minutes with her amazing liplocking skills. She really put her back into this one and its actually a pretty hot scene considering we are in a bathroom on the outskirts of town kinda rushing a bit so we don’t get caught with our pants down. Get it how you live  playboy. #NDNgirls for life. I love native american pussy.

Tomasina - Petite Native American teen pussy

Ahhh Tomasina. Here is a super friendly native american chick who loves to suck dick and swallow cum. Tomasina drained my wallet and balls almost daily and helped recruit many of her friends for NDNgirls. Felt great to cum in her little mouth every single time. It was freezing cold outside so you can see her nipples get super perky from the cold and pointy erect while she’s sucking dick. She really gets into giving blowjobs and ends up turning herself on in the procress. Quite the funny chick too she’s got some jokes and stories for yo ass.

Danica & Tomasina - double blowjobs while smoking

Tomasina & Danica – the world famous double blowjob in the kitchen by 2 native american girls. probably the most popular/famous video on ndngirls is this tag team bj in the kitchen that was unplanned. the girls switch off sucking my dick shaft and nuts. it feels really good i highly recommend it if you haven’t tried yet. talk about pleasure overload. now try holding a 10lb camera with a bunch of lights and shit attached to it while this is all happening. i had no trouble keeping my dick rock hard while these 2 dick sucking machines went to work on my equipment. super popular scene with members, fans, everyone… if you think native american indian girls are shy, subservient, fragile… my nigga you need to join NDNgirls and watch this motherfucking movie. This is real life happening right now, fuck the livestream. #NDNgirls

"Runaway Raina" - 19yo Navajo Nation NDNgirls Pornstar / Scapegoat

Runaway Raina – So i hired a 19yr old navajo model from new mexico who has some previous modeling experience under her belt. shoot 2 scenes over the course of 2 days, model releases signed, 2257 signed, 1099 tax forms completed. all good. a few years later the OJJDP ICAC in Indian country is claiming I human trafficked and pimped on the bitch while I’m chilling in dominican republic working on one of my other video projects called Toticos. They actually sent niggers to the motherfucking jungle bunny carribean island to find me in my little apartment on the beach (hello Dorian A. Peters california bar ID #261863) and were stupid enough to leave a trail of PDFs (such as B4PP.pdf) and federal agents dropping breadcrumbs along the way. There are hours of youtubes on this whole backstory fiasco if you’re interested. True stories are always the best. I wonder what exactly she told them? Did they see NDNgirls DVD #7 where Raina is throwing my money all over the motherfucking bed in Holiday Inn in Albequerque? Exploitation at its finest! More like exploiting the american taxpaper chasing navajo hoes and black ethiopian webmasters. keep that indian grant money renewal coming back every year for them niggas. I’m Shimmy and I approve this message. If you see me on the beach in Thailand, slap me in the face if you don’t like me.

NISSA - Married Shawnee Cherokee 18yo Native American Teen Slut wife emails me. She sucks me off while her cuckolded husband films.

So this is what happens when girls email me saying they wanna be a pornstar in case you’re wondering. NDNgirls is always hiring new models by the way. Sheeit, this is a lifelong project my nigga. All gas no brakes. I remember cumming in Nissas mouth while looking in her eyes with so much force that some of my babies went up her nostrils and she choked for a bit. This was a night time NDNgirls episode. 18 years old Nissa was married to an older gentleman who dropped her off, but instead of just leaving for 2 hrs or so and coming back he asked to stay and watch. Im usually against this but was like fuckit he can help film over my shoulder etc. Nissas video was a interview, striptease, and blowjob scene followed by some post-stuff where she reads off website comments and goes into a little behind the scenes spiel. Great set of hips on her and a nice slim frame. Download the full movie here.

CINDY - Native American midget porn! Soto-Ojibwe shortee from Winnipeg delivers room service

Time for another native american porn episode at NDNgirls! Defying logic, and perhaps my own sanity I traveled 2200 miles to shoot this next scene… all the way up to cold ass Winnipeg, Manitoba. After all, NDNgirls isn’t going to update itself and I gotta keep you members happy!  Just under 5ft tall is cindy the soto-ojibwe native midget from winnipeg, manitoba. Nobody really cared about this scene/DVD until it was put on blast by the canadian news. CTV, CBC, APTN, and AP all picked up the story about how a little nigger from florida rode a greyhound bus for $99 to winnipeg and filmed porn movies in their little canadian city. It sounded unbelieveable but true. if you want to meet/fuck native girls you’re going to have to travel. They’re certainly not going to travel to meet you anywhere thats fosho. Whats really trippy about this movie is I couldn’t walk at the particular time. I was in a car accident, on crutches for about a month while filming this update. Doesn’t stop me from getting that sweet native pussy. sheeit. whats your excuse? http://www.ndngirls.com/join.htmlJoin now and download the full movie here.

PHOENIX KNIGHT - Cherokee stripper threesome! Native chick loves to get gangbanged in every hole.

My my my what big eyes you have Phoenix. 🙂 So i put another ad out on craigslist and got a sexy disneyworld worker. she came through with her boyfriend and we spit roated her like a rotisserie chicken. this frequently happens when strippers and porn girls have boyfriends. either they join in the scene, help film, or fuck off. porn isn’t a spectator sport. phoenix knight enjoys a rough fuck and drinks cum like water. Her nigga and me flipped her for a whole hour taking turns tag teaming her wet mouth and pussy. She swallowed both our loads and some went in her eyes. Outtakes included just to keep it real folks. Download the full movie in the members area.

APRIL - 19yrs old Blonde native american teen blowjob girl with HUGE fucking tits sucks me off!

Cute funny thunder bay girl with amazing dick sucking skills. April tells a lot of jokes and I dig that. Native american  teen girl full of energy and spunk. April gets me hard fast and sucks me off down on her knees using both hands. She is able to fit about 70% of the whole pipe in her mouth which is nice. Nice big tits, petite, user friendly, submissive and compliant. Overall a great girl and great ndngirls episode update. I enjoyed Aprils company. Download the full movie here.

DAISY - OMGWTF... fresh out of jail for cutting off some niggas finger!

This badass native girl told me all sorts of shit about herself in the first 5 minutes of this video. She just got out the big house for cutting off some niggas finger in an attempt to stab the motherfucker. Wow! Now I’m from east Oakland, California and I survived living there for 20 years of my life and think I’m a real ass street nigga.. but I have to admit this bitch is more gangsta than me and 90% of the niggas I know just by the way she casually said that she cut a motherfuckers finger off… like it wasn’t even a big deal. 

Jolene- Big lipped native american MILF chugs it down with a quickness!

So here we have quite possibly the world’s first native american MILF captured on film at NDNgirls.com since Hypatia Lee retired from making adult films a few decades ago. Those of you that had old school VHS tapes in those bigass boxes might remember her as being the only native girl in porn back in the 70s/80s.

Jessie Lynn - Mixed Ojicree Indian girl... Contents under pressure...

This girl laughed her ass off the whole time the camera was rolling and it didn’t turn out too bad. She did make me shoot off a big load at the end with a nice handjob and it surprised her (she actually screamed) when she saw it pop off and nearly hit the ceiling. Eh well, adult entertainment… enjoy my niggas.