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dame durl looks nasty naked check it out at dat no good nigga's site who taped this,whom drive 2 tbay ont canada n pick up cheap as ya think a says 4 his own purpose den puts them on here....ass-hole I know em gurlz n thier sisters not whores except this one whom she calls herself ya right n half white wat a laugh.....but I give her alittle credit she cleaned her act up after this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: Thomas T <t********>
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im a 23 year old black male im in good shape i have a 9 1/2" and i know how to use it  i have a passion for finding and fucking native girls so let me help you make some more money im willing to be devoted to the work and im located near Albuquerque. email me back

Pueblo Indian women

Sunday 7:00 PM

"" <>

I m pueblo male early 40's .I live and work here at khapo.have 2 say I think ur a lucky man.u have sampled one of the hottest WAN SAVE' girls Raina. Lucky in another sense ur still alive.if u were 2 come here ,u wud stand out so fast,and questioned as 2 what the hell u r doing round here.outsiders r spotted easily ,in general there's plenty of alcohol abuse anddomestic violence is unfortunately a part of everyday life .the alcoholic cycle fuels fighting and some shady deaths have occurred here.I'm not telling u Wat 2 do, but quit, while ur still alive,u may laugh but sooner than u think u may not b laughing at all. Leave Native women alone. To take advantage of a more than likely,alcoholic or drug addicted native girl,is just not right.u r a black man,a minority,jus like us.please for the spiritual welfare of every native American Rez,stay away. I knw id be lying if I didn't enjoy those pics of Raina.but u had ur fun no please stop.u r messing with something u knw nothing.about,and unfortunately the gigs up 4 u. If u do value ur life. Spiritually as well as physically ,u will stop,thank u ,

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omg this dude is gonna get killed 1 day

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I hope you are doing well and I just wanted to comment and commend you about a GREAT job you are doing! I am a Pueblo native here in New Mexico and your concept is incredible and keep up the great work.
I recently became a member and I would love to see more of Raina and any other New Mexico native girls you came across in your trip! ;-) My girlfriend and I are love your website and I will continue on being a customer! Thanks for the hard work and keep up the website! We are supporters of yours!
best regards,
Kevin (nativedude376)

I see your site, i guess its good. I'm a navajo from Arizona, your site don't really have "hot" native americans on it so i won't complain. the funny thing is a few of the people i know want to do porn. (girls i know) but don't know how. i like the site i guess. idk it weird from my point of veiw. idk to be against it or for it. but some are nice. you just need to know where to look.other than that. i'm just to broke to see the site, i have court fines and bills to pay. lol people are just jealous tho. but you can't force a girl to say yes. right? - xavier

whitetrashoutlaw These people are porn sluts, they're too interested in their next hit of meth or shot of dope to even give a fuck about cultural degradation.

Hi Shimmy - Enjoyed yer website, so I submitted an order early this morning via the posted information. Selected the 1-year option (that includes complementary copies of the complete NDN Girls dvd collection).

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Man Shimmy 
you are doing what i have always wanted to do
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if you like Native American Pussy than show it
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i love the site Shimmy
o yeah question
do you have any free vids of your shoots
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ive looked but i cant find any 
when i get a Job imma by the DVD 
and fuck the Haters 
From- Rion 
Black Piscataway Indian
if your in New Jersey
try to find a Piscataway chick to fuck 
that mite be cool to watch 
only reason niggas hatin is cuz you blowin up 
keep it up bro

Native American Woman ae rare, dude keep doing what you doing its not like beig interracial is a bad thing.

wontConform I cant stand whites and niggers together.Interracial dating should be illegal.Niggers have got their own kind,they dont need to be harrassing other races for dates.As for the bitches,they should not allow themselves to be infatuated with the novelty of going with a nigger,or doing it because they see celebs doing it.Whites and niggers should not date,period.I cant believe parents permit this sort of thing.I certainly wouldnt allow my daughter(or son)to date a nigger.

I have to admit that I became a member just to see Raina, the Navajo girl you have on your site

Good stuff though what I am seeing, you've got some great material.  Could I trouble you for a DVD

wetweasel56 When girls like this go to the zoo and see the gorillas in their cages it must make them horny.

I am anxious to enjoy the models on yer NDN site

mike its about time somebody made a site with REAL native girls instead of dressing up latinas and trying to "pass them off" as native. some of the girls are a bit average looking and others downright homely, but no doubt they are the real deal. the video files are huge and take a while to download but they are very high quality and worth the wait. i got a free dvd in the mail too about a week after joining that was icing on the cake

  • @Selenaencarnation I hope this dude dies in the worst kind of way.. I hope he is all gettin shit on.. and this girls family bust through the wall like a pack full of tyrants.. I hope they tie the dude up.. and they all take turns choppin his ass down wit a machete.. Shit.. dis dude show up on my Rez.. and he wont be walkin out alive... I tell ya that,, I would hang the bitch... then shoot at his limp body then I am gonna chop him to pieces and feed him to his own family.. haha I need help lol

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  • @LakotaNDN1984 speak the truth boy speak it lol

  • @LakotaNDN1984 i hope he does

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  • Dude, these chicks are the fugliest Half breeds I ever seen.. You can't get a hot looking Native Chick and thats on the real, because no Ful Blood Native chick would fuck ur ugly nigga ass.. I been to your website and I can honestly say.. I dunno who is uglier the chicks or the dude there fuckin... But seriously try that shit to a real Native chick, and watch there whole family fuck u up and make u suck urself off.. I am Native American (sadly half ) but I been wit hotter chicks

  • Re: "Full-blooded" Natives, death threats, and Internet bullshit... here's whats up. Press play: (21:09)   


  • ur hired :)

Native Hot Hot Hot!

Friday, January 21, 2011 10:14 PM
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dwayne wilcox dog hat studio native american porn

"Come to the reservation At Pine Ridge In South Dakota.
WE would Like to Met You bring a gun your going need it pimp. Lakota Worrier Society In protection Of Our Sacred Women."

from []
(Authenticated sender: dwaynewilcox) by
(Postfix) with ESMTP id 86F1E40065 for <>; Fri, 21 Jan 2011 23:13:56 -0500

Dwayne Wilcox
901 Joy Ave.

Rapid City, SD 57701

ph: 605-716-7282

Sidenote: this guy is a talented artist... The piece he did is called "Look real full blood white people". Fucking awesome! Waaay better than the famous drawing of me this dude Nathan did when I worked at the casino. Whats really epic is his attention to details, like the fat white woman with the elephant legs wearing red croc sandals, and the little weiner dog looking away like it's ashamed of its owners. I love to see good shit like this:

ndngirls pine ridge south dakota native american porn dwayne wilcox

I never knock another mans hustle, and despite his "gun/pimp/sacred women" remarks I rather enjoy this guy's artwork it's pretty cool. You can see more of it at Pricey ($600-$3500) but good stuff ain't cheap, and he's way better than my graphics dude in the Phillipines who does my NDNgirls cartoons/logos for cheap. Enjoy the free website traffic dude, hope you sell some art. And yes I've been to SD before, its too cold this time of year. - Shimmy 

NDNGirls - Ruby Knox, Sierra Sanchez, Celene Morningbutterfly, Danica, Tomasina, Gee Southwind, Jolene, Steph, Jessie Lynn, Daisy, April - Native American Indian Girls Filmed on the Rez Tilsen

Just so we all clear, there are waaaaay more messed up stuff than filming sex going on on every rez. Just some perspective.


Porn is a multi BILLION dollar business.

It only survives where uptightness persists. When Denmark became the first country to totally legalize porn, it did not take ten years for this bon mot to pop up: "You can find anything in a Danish porn shop. Except a Dane." And it was true. The Danes left it to the tourists.

Anyway, if there are going to be these big bucks, I'm unclear why Indians should be cut out.

There's a whole sub-genre of Eastern Indian porn because India is so upright. A screen kiss causes censorship problems in India. But they have major porn stars on the internet.

As I understand it, the theory of why porn is wrong is that it will cause people to imitate the sexual behavior they see on the screen. That result has not been observed anywhere porn has been legalized. What happens is an explosion of interest followed by boredom.

I do note that some very reputable doctors recommend porn viewing by couples who are having certain kinds of sexual problems. I'm reading a book by an ob-gyn right now and she endorses the medical use of porn all over the place.

I'm also unclear about this allegation that porn actors are a bunch of crackheads. That's certainly not true in the epicenter of porn production, Southern California. Also, incidentally, not true of the whorehouses in Nevada, where many doctors and lawyers earned their tuition.

Sex work has always been around. I'm unclear how it is that persecuting sex workers helps anybody.



It's a shame that there are dumbasses who would want to see this sexual exploitation crap. And no, I would NOT want to see my female cousin addicted to crack earning her next fix through this.

Winnipeg is also known as "Ndn city" in Canada where the majority of our brethen are among the worst off, along with Vancouver, and where homelessness, drug addictions, prostitution, incarceration, and gangs flourish. Why? becuz they live on the streets.

I can't think of any self-respecting indigenous woman who would want the world to see her performing sexual acts on these Johns for bread crumbs. But when it comes to just about any money making scheme, indigenous people are fair game as we've been the game since contact. 

Now some apparently have those blinders on, or go through life with their glasses blurred. I will be forwarding this to those who do give a dayum about it and will try to be part of the solution.

There is a website in the U.S. that is specializing in Aboriginal women. Many of the comments on the news paper web page,say that it is okay. After-all there are Asian sites, Black sites, Blondes, Fatties and other specialized sites. The issue the Winnipeg women's groups are saying is that the web site owner is preying on the vulnerable. - kijeet

How do you feel knowing that the creative niche is exploitation of our sisters, mothers, and daughters; at least one about seven months pregnant? Please pass awareness of this matter along to women's and First Nations advocacy organizations to help ignite awareness about this matter

they can't control what's posted, GOOD LUCK on your campaign to rid the airwaves of pornography.
Its not just an issue of female aboriginal pornography, its about honesty.

Oh! And I forgot one thing, its all about $$$$$!!!
If they require a subscribtion, and I bet they do, they will not be stopped. - John Luke

Tribal Council Member

Corruption is old news.

What would be newsworthy is when our warriors stand up and take care of our women. If anyone hurt my sister, mother, niece, or anyone else in my family, he wouldn't have to worry about his kneecaps anymore - as he would no longer have any.

Our men have become lax about the protection of our women and elders. So many of our men are incarcerated because of stupid reasons, and need to be at home instead.

That's less than half the problem. A bullet and lifelong paralysis didn't stop Hustler. If the money's good, the perpetrators will continue to fish for it. 

Corruption has always been about money. Prostitution has always been a big problem, and certainly one of the dangers women face in that is being filmed. The money is a big draw, but why? Why is it that we allow so many of our relatives to abandon their self respect for a few bucks? We need to walk in the steps of our ancestors. The steps where everyone's included, and no one walks without purpose. In those steps, no one can sell their mother.

This is a problem for now, but if we work to get back to where our ancestors need us to be, we can put a stop to the root of that (and many other) problem(s).

kwai kane

dang'd it, noone will post the site!!! i wanna see!!  ***The Werewulf***

John Luke

Me too! Any other time someone has something to bytch about they usually post the site, so where is ours?
"Tell them in Washington. If they can find one honest man, send him to me. I will listen." Sitting Bull-1872 Hunkpapha Lakota

IMO: If you allow people to do whatever they want with the American Indian culture, you are participating in the continuing genocide of the American Indians.

Tribal Council Member

The exploitation of women has been going on since time immemorial. Why has this only now become a topic of concern on this forum? Just because someone happened to bring it up? Complacency is part of the problem.


GAWD... and I have been accused of being prudish so many times on this board... and I find no offense in the topic...

People just want to find something to bytch about lately and act as if they are dainty and feminine when their actions on this forum show they are nothing more than hypocrites...  Had it been a topic about men... they'd be drooling all over the place... (again... their actions on this forum show they are nothing more than hypocrites...)...

kwai kane

hahahaha!! IF they were so self respecting....
oooooo natives are soo traditional, yet clouded by addiction and wrongfulness...hahahaha

President Bust

"Anyway, if there are going to be these big bucks, I'm unclear why Indians should be cut out"-Steve,......steve the phuckhead.

I wonder why I wouldn't kick you in the asss for that comment?? And why BUCKS? Why couldn't you just say 'dollars'? Is that a sub-concious closet fantasy of yours, you and a BIG BUCK in the sack.


Oh highschool slut. STFU already and go get run over by an 18 wheeler. Besides Everest might be grossly embarrassed if he ever seen your ugly white ass/face in cyberspace being the town pump.


Go sleep it off you bi-polar lush... 

It always amazes me that those that continually call me a high school "ho"... "whore"... "slut" and the latest... "town pump" have all displayed themselves on here in a slutty manner... 

Go troll another site for a man... there obviously aren't any takers for a psycho drunk on this one... 


Could not read this bi polar shiit. And of course this Bi polar fool steps in to pervert another thread. If prostitution is needed to calm the nerves of some aggressive men, then this bipolar fool needs one right now. Fool. Yes you Biiichy go get laid . Your bi polar ass ss needs it .


OK OK.... I checked it out. I wasn't going to say anything because this is obviously totally wrong. I think it sucks. Its messed up. Dude made good point if this was chick from my tribe, i'd totally break this guys knee caps if I saw him around. And I still might even tho she's not.

The guy on the website, an ammtuer porno dude producing his own porn, he stars in (who's black by the way) himself, professes to have been "...Banned from the "Grand Portage" Reservation in Minn"..., where he was producing pornographic films, while an employee of the tribe, in what the tribe deemed to be an illegal manner (Steve's point), obviously in exsploitation of their community and targeting their young vulnerable (at least finacially) women.

On the website, this man admits to visiting over a dozen reservations, over several years, specifically with the intent to solicit pornograhic images and video from specifically, native women.

In one webpage he solicit's to natibe women to "apply" for pornographic photo shoots by submitting personal sexual details and graphic images for review by those from the website..

I think this is totally disgusting and degreading for all native people, obviously. And absolutely think that the targeting of native women for sexual exsploitation can and must be stopped.

I caution any native woman considering this career path, to think about its effects not only yourself but your tribal nation. I feel very sorry for the first nations and american tribes (and image) that had their members already exploited sexually and plastered on the internet so graphically.

Sad day.


If I were in tribal government, I would declare this SOB persona non grata and have the tribal cops escort him to the rez border and not get too hacked if they put a few don't bumps on him.



It is easy to point out and get upset about external exploitation but the most horrendous sexual abuse comes from within out own communities; rape, molestation, incest... porn seems like small potatoes when you look at these. 

the bigger challenge is not just putting a floater on this guy and driving him to the rez line but having our girls raised in such a way so they wouldn't be involved in this.


Haven't check out the site or even looked for it. 
I am not as concerned about the site as most people are. 
Not that I am morally bankrupt. I do think it is awful that some people are being exploited. The Sex industry is notorious for exploiting women; immigrants, the poor, uneducated, vulnerable, under-age, mentally challenged. You name it and there has most likely someone that has been taken advantaged of. However, ... There must be some women that go freely (as freely as life choices are generally made that is) into the sex trade, in this case the porn industry. There is a group in Quebec called Stella and they advocate for the safety of the sex trade worker. Like one person somewhere pointed out, there are sites dedicated for Blacks, Asians, Fats, and a whole list of other groups out there.

Tribal Council Member

True about sexual abuse going on, but why add a new layer? It is sickening that these young women are being exploited. Then we come to this forum and look at the numbos defending it.

kwai kane

word man, you crack me up!!

wtf ?? a native american male and I can honestly say ive banged native women 10 x hotter than these f*cking chicks in this video...geez, is that the only ones u could find? ?? embarassing !!!

  • man wtf im native american and all i can say is these ugly bithches make us native women look bad and plus the are damn halfbreeds ewwww

  • look out i have a boner people

  • damn these girls look all fucked up...nasty as hoe showing a flat ass...shit im a native with a black girls booty now thats something to show...

  • the second girl doesn't look native. she looks like a girl

  • This "NDNgirls" website is made from some Punk Bottom Feeding Nigger. The girls he is using are obviouslly low income Res girls stuck on the RES mostly. White mans equivilant to trailer trash that is. So their are not gonna be alot of lookers, Im sure the Nigger is ripping them off too or maybe even giving them drugs to do the nasty. As of nessmother comment, Go fuck yourself!!! We have some of the Hottest Women on earth.

  • they all must be from Fort Nelson, BC those bitchs are ugly

im hotter

  • o? shit....

ndngirls nigger lover

God damn son!!! You're doing good work!

Saturday, December 4, 2010 8:53 PM
Hi Shimmy,

Big fan of your website! Been following it since 2009; first went to and saw a close up of Sabrina holding her "Indian Status Card" and I was just mesmerized by her beauty! Reminds me of the cute spunky Native girls I see on the bus. You should go to Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan and Alberta! Lots of Native hotties there also! 

As a Canadian, I'm proud of these Native girls. They're one of the unique cultural assets we have compared to other countries and I'm glad someone has the balls to document it. Don't let them haters ruin your work! This is a democracy and free speech is essential to it! God dammit, the National Film Board of Canada should be giving you funding!

Sincerly your fan,
-Ronald C

Hey, you should head back up to Canada and try to work things out with the native communities. I'm sure all they want to do is talk.

The "man" and his blog are disgusting. He was raided by the FEDs and I really hope he's shut down. Ignorant and useless. And can you imagine how he raises his daughters?

I don't think women should sell themselves for money, but that's a separate subject. The problem here is the porn site's stereotypes. "Casino girls," "reservation hotties" and "welfare chicks" all sound like variations of the Indian princess or squaw. The women are sexy like princesses but slutty like squaws

CTV News is not naming the website   :)

sounds like all the comments are made by perfectly good lookin people, ? and thats why they looking on here, sad

  • no way, this is bullsh*t real native women have respect for themselves and are beautiful. I know i do.

  • Natives will never be attractive. Im sorry

mike                         I wanna see Native american porn: Sabrina @NDNgirls naked she fine ass hell

I gotta say to hear that it's a nigger doing this to squaw whores, it's the icing on the cake.

how about taking that vid with the VERY ugly woman's group leader (I swear I played that piece 3 times before I decided she was a female) and dubbing over some very funny material about her getting off with you when you were up north

massdad             Power of the press... You do know you couldn't pay for such publicity.. Roll with it Shimmy and make it pay off. Eat it up man.


HEY did u ferget about me hi its ROBERT ya know the one who got a thing for JAYDA among others well sierra and tominisano i like also . last we communicated it was in sept and you had mentioned JAYDA would be filming in october well october came and went so fill me in . i like reading your pages and all that went on in winnepeg and thunder bay i even got a geography lesson. and yes its true your stuff is NOT scripted. man i love to go out and just find girls like u do hey look for some INDIA girls and some pakistan girls and puertpo ricans and indian girls well u did that a lot keep it going i like tomisinna i like her tiny tits . she is one of my fav. but fill me in ok uare ok in my book and all is cool and good so fill me in ok . send JAYDA to me. i kinda like those 2 redneck girls gettin spamked may have to get it got anything on the side i may want or missed? thanks ROBERT

fabulous looking......even if her skirt was longer. lol.??

Is this video trying? to promote tourism to Winnipeg? Not even worth traveling to for the sex and sin aspect

hi,just browsing through your dvd list and would love a dvd of just paddleing.i went to a school where kids were paddled and got turned on by females getting it.i would love a dvd of the girls being made to spread their feet apart and lean over a desk or table.also feet spread apart and made to lean down and grab behind the knees.this would be great.always wanted to see girls nude paddled like you or will you have a dvd like this available.

You? fucking exploiter. I hope your dick and thumbs fall off.

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you probably already know this

Sunday, November 21, 2010 3:34 PM

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Watching you make a porn with one of my friends I grew up with is sad. These girls are addicted to pills and are desperate for money.
You had sex with a girl who has AIDS, you would know this if you lived around here, everybody here does. It's a close knit community. 

You exploit these women because you're hoping to make a dollar. I get the idea that you want to make money. 
You get what you give, yours is coming.

I would fuck up that bitch. Mentally and physically?

I just finished hearing half of your podcast and have to tell you that the crappiest reservations I've ever been to were in New Mexico, one of them a few miles out of Albuquerque. It was the most depressing place ever, the people lived in little huts. The women were bathing their kids and washing clothes in the river, probably because they had no running water. My sister-in-law wanted to go in there to buy something for her parents and when we got to the "town centre", we were escorted out by the reservation's police/militia, whatever they were. There was also one outside of Santa Fe, I think, and it was pretty bad too. We also stopped in a reservation in Raton or Las Vegas, NM, not sure which one, but we had to leave cause the dudes in the gas station would help us out and just stared at us like they wanted to kill us or something haha. The reservations in Colorado were also crap but I just saw them as we passed by, they looked pretty run-down.

I guess the best one in New Mexico is the Mescalero reservation in Ruidoso, they own a huge Casino there called Inn of The Mountain Gods, but even then, the place always seem kind of seedy to me and I never liked the town, but alot of people I know love it cause its a small mountain destination and a 2 hour trip for us who live in the city..

Hope this helps you out.

Shim....I thought John Redcorn from Face the Nation was looking to fuck you up. You still trolling NDN reserves.? Between Redcorn and're gonna need eyes in the back of your noggin'

There was a pow-wow on my college campus a few years ago. I thought they were from the Sour-Puss tribe. Man, those were some seriously unfriendly, solemn, frowny Indians. I'm not unsympathetic as to why they might not like gringo palefaces but dang, dude, they didn't have to accept my universities invite if they didn't want to be there. Kinda hurt my feelings as I've got nothing but respect for Native Americans but still. lol

the reason they are like that is because good ole USA government fucked the indians right in their asses.

The indian (Tigua) reservation here where I live is awesome. They've had FREE awesome concerts. I've already gone to see Dokken, Ratt, Great White, Korn and in the coming months im seeing Bret Michaels, Brenton Wood, Skid Row, Slaughter and Joan Jett there for free as well. The people on the reservation are really friendly and it is an overall awesome atmosphere the girls are also hot as all hell and really cool to talk too. Some of them were from the city and not the reservation though. Also, when I was younger, I went to church there at the mission. I have alot of fond memories going to church with my Grandma there, it was awesome. We also went to a few fairs there with lots of fun games and food and music. Damn, now that I think about it, that reservation is a gem to the community.

kidorebel (5 days ago)
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its National Heritage Month for Indginous peoples! this guy doesn't understand, as a people, we do? not, in our hearts, like to see women, in general, "displayed" as he does. his methods eliciting these women into to shedding their pride via internet is disheartening. haven't you taken enough? why must you continue to humiliate us? why do you give yourselves excuses? our people are already losing their traditions and culture. must you continue to take our dignity? you have taken our land, you have forgotten your book. we are still rooted to this land, we have your book. you still do not understand, you still are lost. i Will do something about this! i admit you are slick, but it has not been a year yet for you and these shenanigans.

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reddraid has made a comment on NDNgirls news 2:

The women did it because they wanted to bottom line! Where can I see more Native porn? I've been looking. Hit me in my box.

Random Native
Submitted on 2010/11/11 at 7:20am

You have to understand why many of these Northern tribes are getting upset.

Hundreds of First Nations women have been raped and brutally murdered with the last few decades friend. Many of them are unsolved. I assume that many feel that while you keep this site up that you target Native Women.

Both in Canada and the US, American Indian women are more likely to be targeted for rape and hate crimes than any other women. 82% of those rapes are commited by Non-Native Americans. Which is no joke, I've had a friend who was nearly raped by a kid she saw as a friend. Because that kid thought she was "easy".

On a side note, I find it odd that you post speeches of Malcolm X whilst you throw around comments like "casino girls" and such. I also think you notice some blatant racist remarks left by your supposed "fans".

John Shaft
Submitted on 2010/11/08 at 6:40am

The North End is a cesspool, crime is outta control and these bleeding hearts are worried about native women getting paid to be in pornography. They need to turn their energies towards helping the people who are actually being exploited.

Go figure, the internet features all sorts of pornographic specialty sites but throw the word "aboriginal" in the mix and there's an issue.

As one of the comments below the article said, native street gangs exploit these same women on a regular basis but nobody from these aboriginal women's groups will ever speak up about that.

I bet the porn site is gross and hilarious at the same time

UnfortuNATEly I can't fap to it ew

Posted via Mobile

The WFP give the Aboriginal community too much attention. I fail to see the issue here. If they were willing, what's the problem? 

Don't feed the trolls.

at least they're working for their money....if they're being paid, of course.

So let me start by saying I'm a big city white boy.....and I'm not from here.

I remember when I first found out that I'd be moving to winnipeg, I was all excited and some friends told me "well there's lots of natives there, and everything is really cheap". I remember thinking to my self 

"sweet, I'll be making some really good money, and there will be TONS of hot native chicks to bang....I'll be knee deep in native snooch and my balls will schrivel up and fall off because they will be empty". 

Then I actually moved here and straight up......I haven't seen an attractive native girl yet. Between the diabetes type bodies (like pears, but with stretch marks) and the lack of diction, pronunciation or speech (try to sing while your mouth is full of marshmallows) it just isn't a category of women I can see myself ejaculating into or onto. 

Native porn just isn't what I'd call a growth industry, and I LOVES me some pretty sick and edgy porn..... 

But hey, at least it might provide some much needed jobs for the community.......ahhhhh?

I've seen a couple, but they come to my work to either:

a) get a separation 
b) get a lawyer for criminal matters 
c) get a lawyer for CFS matters
d) get child support from their baby daddy's in jail
e) all of the above


Call the police, there's porn on the Internet.

edit: aren't there some fairly popular local 'models' that have been around for years already? A while back someone mentioned Andi Pink working at the Pizza Hut on York

there's hot nate chicks out there...u just gotta know where to look

Drunk tank???

'exploiting'? Really?

In a world of transvestite interracial midget donkey porn, aboriginal porn is a mere walk in the park.

Anyone check out the site? 

There's some funny shit in there. Definitely a good read but I can't see anyone logging in repeatedly for the low-rate porn. Then again, it's amazing what kind of weird shit is out there that people pay good money to look at.

the woman on ctv who was trying to say how bad this was admitted that these women were prolly too fucked up to know what they were doing anyhow...kinda funny when they actually admit that

They are smarter than they look.

Step 1. Get put on a porn site.
Step 2. Get city newspaper to write story about news site
Step 3........
Step 4. Profit

do i think these women were fucked up, yes. do i think they were "too fucked up to know what they were doing" no. 

thats the same old bullshit fuckin excuses "these guys" have for everything.... they do something at the moment for the money then come back and bitch later that they were victimized once the money is spent, it's been going on for years, on just about every fuckin "agreement" ever made in the past 100 years. involving said persons. 

fact is. that guy got them to sign forms. good on him. my policy is . if you sign something . you're right to bitch about it later has been fucking revoked. period.

this typa porno shit has been going on in the states for ever. winnipeg-north end native girls are just behind on the times. i'm surprised it hadn't happend sooner. its a good opportunity for them to make some loot. haha.

look in the states, just about every race-skintype-class has been involved in every type of porn. these girls are just the last ones to get on the boat. probably due to lack of demand. 

bottom line they have nothing to bitch about. and if they think this is the last time this is gonna happen , they are kidding themselves. 

you dont see mexicans, whites, blacks,asians etc. bitching when they end up on some porn site doing nasty disgusting shit. but it's somehow "different" if it's native girls.

yea as soon as i saw the news story, i was like wow. way to completely elevate this guys success. haha

fact is, the few winnipeg girls that ended up on that site, probably didn't care at all, or "thought it was funny". untill some native rights people came along and convinced them to be "outraged" about it.

Damn... There goes my latest business idea. Now what the fuck am I going to do with 20 cases of club, and these rubber sheets?

I shook my head when I read this article this morning. Basically all that will happen from this "outrage" from this special interest group is that more people will seek it out and download it and lives may be ruined. Where was the outrage at porn last week when they didn't specifically seek out your group of people? They only care about the issues if it affects their group. As far as anyone knows, everything that happened was legal. porn with consenting adults is legal.

Forwarding this email around and trying to identify the women involved will only further embarrass and those involved. One of the women involved may have done it because she needed money and isn't a pornstar/hooker/etc and didnt think anyone would find out. thanks to these do-gooders she can now look forward to being ashamed, humiliated and now identified by these labels. 

This outrage is poorly thought out and destructive. Identifying the owners name and location of the porn studio only makes it easier to google this website. And identifying the hometown of one of the women is a great way to ensure the woman's family finds out.

They basically want to satisfy their own curiosity of who these girls are and expose them to the world. That's the only reason I can conceive for exposing them the way this special interest group and article are. Exposing women who made crappy/alternative life choices to their family and community under the guise of helping them. Great job.

Exactly. There are only what, 100,000 sites just like this featuring girls of all races. Now that there is one that specializes in Indian girls people should be outraged? Fucking hiliarious.

Can't find any links to torrents. Someone help a chief out.

I'm outraged that they allow aboriginal labeled porn! Can't that aboriginal woman just market her site as bondage or rape fantasy like the rest of the internet?? Why does she have to bring the aboriginal thing into this?!?

ehhh, site kinda made me wanna barf, there are plenty of hot aboriginal women out there, but this dude didnt pick any.

Then again I guess you gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess right.

lol cant wait to show that site to my native buddies

just found the site. pissed my pants! thanks heights!!!!!

What a fucking disgrace. As a native american woman, this upsets me. She looked like a decent girl until she started to orally rape a banana.? Now, she looks like a trashy, deadbeat whore who probably sells herself for drugs. Nasty TRASH!

OMG, I guess the porn industry has been exploiting every other race for like 50 years now...

This thread made my day. LOL @ the exposure this news story is providing.

lol. his description of the ladies is hilarious.

I love it. This guy is awesome.

I dunno, I've seen quite a few native girls I thought were attractive.

I dated a native girl not long ago that was pretty damn cute. Can't say I've seen many like that though most are fat and ugly.

Some of them are very attractive. I've dated a few. Honestly, one native girl I dated was probably in the top 3 hottest girls I've dated. However, like anybody of any race, if the girl has grown up in a shitty area, with crappy parents, and an improper diet, they get nasty, gnarled, and pear shaped. 

I'm sure we've all seen white girls that are as nasty as some of these north end princesses that he's featuring.

I think what these native groups are most upset about is the fact that these girls are proving stereotypes. Those groups always hate it when that happens, and scream that their "native sisters" are being exploited.

some people say natives and asians are the same. the indians are the asians who didnt make it back across the ice bridges.

Holy fuck there's also Asian Porn! I am offend!

I should have gone into pornography instead of my current chosen career... There is a huge niche market up here.

Her name is Cindy?? you mean street name..

Shes the Selkirk ave hooker, turned part-time web porn star/ crackhead.

Shes given more rides.. than probably Greyhound!

and probably has more experience in putting body parts in her mouth than Vince Li.

where are you from where you thought there was hot native girls?

They should add that video to their site of those 2 Indians who bent over and showed their asses to some guys in a car. Anyone remember that video? or somethin like that?

Does anyone know what Hotel they filmed at? You can see the carpet and bedding in the pics.

I think it would be funny to know for shits n giggles.

ugh wtf to the vid. nobody can take this seriously

looks like Canad inns

didn't it mention a hostel by downtown? the only one i can think of is the one on ellice by the u of w.

wowwwww that girl is absolutely disgusting


all i gotta say both of them suck good dick lol

7 days ago


to hot

11 days ago


This is cool and kinda weird at the same time.

2 hours ago

Sweet Dick Willy

She is hot hope to see more of her she can suck me up anyday.

17 hours ago

woww these are actually? real natives! so rugged and degrading!

Fox radio show interviews me about NDNgirls:

hey, i caught a glimpse of your website last night. your site is great!!!  i personally know some of the girls and would like a copy of their videos.  how could i get a copy of cylene and shandy.  also if you younger girls, i prefer those beauties. - LYoung

Love the niche that your site fills. - Bruce

I'm a female and I personally don't see anything wrong with what he did/does... those girls have a right to do what they choose and have chosen willingly to sell themselves no matter how cheaply... what does it matter that they are Indian, Chinese, Russian, American or whatever... they all appear to be very happy with the exchange they're making at the time they are making it... if they have regrets later, then maybe they will learn to think about their choices in advance next time and not do things they may regret. It is for them to learn that lesson and not for us to judge. I personally have no problem with porn as long as the participants are of legal age and volunteering... and all of these girls are both of those. Let them be responsible for their own choices and for the rest of us... let us just enjoy the porn!

Wrong... but the best thing that could happen is to have Native lands should raise the age of consent for being an adult, and then take this guy to court for violation of Natives. It is sad, she made bad choices and found a bad man to take advantage of her. -Treo700v

Thanks for your reply. I would be interested in seeing all that you did with your "Bottom Bitch" Tomasina. Thanks again man.
I find your site unique and interesting and can hardly wait to see what you do next!  - Craig

I'm looking for info, I want to buy the dvd(s) with the Thunder Bay girls on it
can you let me know what one(s) tobuy and can I senda canada post
money order or something like that


This guy who made ndn girls is a predator. He used women who are addics and who have alot of problems. If these were women with the intention of being professionals I wouldn't care. But these were women who just needed money to get their next fix. He just used vulnerable women. And I hope he goes to hell.
Another reason not to do drugs. Prostitution usually ends up how you support your habit. Sell your dignity for money so you can waste it on poisoning your body! And then you break your family's heart when they find out. -
family of her

Sheean sent you a message.

Subject: NDNPORN!!!


I was researching you for a part in a documentary focusing on exploitation of native people but will not be mentioning any of your exploits by name however you make some observations that changed my mind about you and essentially since you did secure release forms adults are allowed to make their own decisions even though I personally know a couple of these girls and their drug addictions allowed them to make bad decisions. I disagree strongly with what you did

As part of a larger storyline is a comment and/or telephone interview about why the hell you of all people would say something like this lol, I mean it's a pretty exploitative job but you cut through all this shit and make a poignant statement about the situation in Canada? Fuck, unlikely hero I guess. Call me and we'll talk further.


crees are a lil lighter fuk off u bytch u fugly and this white bytch yeah u

That's definitely one of the ugliest hookers I've ever seen in my life!

  • @megaprimus9879

    fuken rights........

  • Wow! I'm in love!

  • did u get in trouble here for something other than ndn porn,just be careful about those women some of them are hookers n got dseases,just to let u know

  • I am going to use your name as shimmycash, do you have some videos I can use and redact for the story?  Essentially I'm using a lot of what you say with the website in the background and interviewing one or two of the girls.  The comments are beyond interesting and the story changed from me demonizing you to watching you discover a hidden truth about Canada.  Get back at me
  • Tony

  • fuck these are like the ugliest native girls ive ever seen.

  • lmfao!!!!

darla I saw the site. The women are pretty and all but the webmaster's a self-hating racist male chauvinist pig, living a Blaxploitation movie pimp stereotype. I'd feel better if Hef or Dennis Hof of Moonlight Bunny Ranch were running that site. At least they know how to treat ladies!

DOA82 Shimmy, you really dont care what anyone says do you? Face it, you are posting this shit to promote it. How we feel about it has no bearing, does it?

lt1camaro95 Wow, is that the best the rez has to offer? Living in AZ there are tons of rezs in the state and there are very very few native girls that are cute. Prove me wrong if you can. They never look like a painting of a beautiful native girl riding her horse through the mountains, usually just a fat goth looking chic.

Azar You'd be goth too if they killed all your buffalo. Or as the red man calls it, ta-tonka.

djsanchez2 Wow, wooooowwww sucks for the (insert tribe) if that's the best they have to pick from.

GregCentauro I'm only offended if she doesn't share the weed with me.

STDiva That is one classy woman. Shimmy, you know how to pick'em.

SpexyAshleigh Anyone who smokes is an idiot and has no self respect. A pregnant woman smoking is twice as bad because not only does she not respect her own body, she doesn't respect her childs and THAT...she should have her ass kicked for.

Legzman I'm a white male it's impossible to offend me.

Rey C. I think people worry too much about other people's business. Keep rollin' the content! If the girls fdon't want to do it, they won't take the cash, will they?

The Grasshopper Danica looks pretty sweet there... 

  • she's skinnier now, fucken junkie

  • Is she anorexic?

  • i like her dangling her cigarette

  • DOA82 She has the look of a crack whore, so the health of her baby is probably not something she has taken into consideration.
    But given the fact she is on her knees in a public bathroom, sucking dick for cash...

  • lmao, naw she's native. used to know her. she's alot more fucked up looking now though. skinny n fucked up off pills.

  • it is evident that this girl is under drugs and being used for this site, please report this site

    cameron keys shimmy ndngirls

  • She's as white as they come.

she could deep throat me anytime!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 6:40 PM

I got you

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I know where you are now, it's only a matter days before I find you.

Mileneum69 (4 days ago)
Mileneum69 (6 days ago)
Okay you have some serious issues man, stop exploiting intoxicated woman, obviously you are soooo insecure abotu yerself that you have to make videos of yourself taking advantage of girls liek that, you are a disgusting pig and i hope you rot in hell.


Web Guy Nam @ShimmyCash We will find you buddy, u think u came come to tbay and do what you have been doing? You seem easy to find cuz you leave tracks

  • Boy would I love to invade her territory! ...oh wait, I already did. Nevermind.

  • native american porn ndngirls sabrinaImage quality sample - Click pic to enlarge, then click here to join NDNgirls!

    • AngryActivist45 Block User What a fucking disgrace. As a native american woman, this upsets me. She looked like a decent girl until she started to orally rape a banana. Now, she looks like a trashy, deadbeat whore who probably sells herself for drugs. Nasty TRASH!

    • stubartron Block User filthy squa

    • xNativeDreamsx Block User wtf is this shit?


    You shall be removed as the other where removed. Filth. May you burn for all eternity Yishus isishes diegein faaului

    • i hate niggers tooo im not from the states :)

    • This is so fucking dumb and racist needd to be removed it's an insult

    • u pplz are mean as hell i goin 2 show this 2 ever body in america and make sure u go down bitch a white creaker and im falling

    • Lol, i give this about 6 more hours before its flagged. I'm not flagging it though.

    • Fruity

    • native american porn ndngirls free dvds

    • all the videos on the web cant a native woman show some respect for herself

    • Girl, where is your head?

    • wat a dum sht

    DeadFuckenSexy2 (2 weeks ago)
    you cant call us cracker only if your white ..... you should know that

    • very nice

    • que hermoso culo para darle para que tenga

    spank me!!!

    shimmy was on another mission being pornos...he has a website up with hinm having sex with indian women in my town many of them,like mulitples,very fucking disgusting to see what i was married to stooping as low as having oral intercourse i was once in love with a monster,he is sick in his head doing what hes doing and making money off it,its a shame really i feel sorry for him.i would never ever even think of a reconsiliation after what i saw on his sites,never!!here look for yourself if you dont believe me or you'll see the shit for yourself..and i am sure yoiu;ll be really proud  -exwife

    ndngirls you disgusting Pimp...The Girl on this Video is a moron for working for you...I hate Pimps.

    Personally, I am disappointed that this guy, who’s not even from the Aboriginal community, is using terms that we came up with such as NDN (short slang for Native) to promote his work. I have no problem with people who want to pose naked or act in porn movies. I have learned that people have a right to do these kind of things. But this guy is a totally amateur who has no concern for people. At least in the professional industry they don’t use real names, they interview people for jobs and the videos aren’t generally made by just one person. It is evident that he’s all about making money and satisfying his own sexual needs.

     Block User lol that was hot till you choked!

      • mmm....nice

      • sweet

      • native american porn ndngirls free dvds

      • nice

      • she looks more white then native

      • she looks stoned

      • does she even speak her native language?

      • i think we should have more vids like this......

        • cut down some sugars and she's good to go.......

        • the only thing I like fron this video was the music

        • PunkDrummerboy86 Block User this is hot i think. I want it on me

    • samantha7458 Block User who are you to judge her and say shit like dat about her why don't you put yaself in her shoes mudderfuker and ya'll know its hard liveing that life shithead and so wat she sells herself 4 dat gotta get it someway and ya probily don't know it but ya old ladies out there giveing head so dog all ya want and find out the real lifes all bout these days........its a fuck'n hard life 2 

    • BIGNEECHEE187 Block User @ MissFiveDay if a chick is stupid enough to allow a mawfugga to tape her blowing a banana on screen then so be it. F**k she's just some hoe anyways who sold her ass for some Oxycontin..............P.s girls who sell themselves for cash, drugs, or alcohol are douche bags anyways and f^&*k their feelings lmao. Should call this s**t hoes exposed FUCK HOES!

    • BIGNEECHEE187 Block User LMAO Not Sugga Ray's Ex old lady lol Holy fawk. The great Dana Nobis lmao remember when parents tell there kids don't do shit on camera here's why lol.

    • ndngirls native american porn shimmy shimmys bookmarks shimmy cash
    • missfiveday Block User Does this poor girl even know you've posted this video on here???? u douche bag

    • havoc2055 Block User why was'nt ur whole race wiped out? fuck we should have finished u guys off during our first thanksgiving

    • angryninjamutant Block User @havoc2055 go somewhere biggot

    • havoc2055 Block User @angryninjamutant who uses a word like bigot grandma...and u spelled in wrong u uneducated red indian

    • angryninjamutant Block User @havoc2055 I am white, dick-head. Go somewhere...It is a good thing I dont know where you live. Seeing as I am pretty sure I am smarter than you, see as I have a college degree that I earned while I was still in high school. Did you get fives on your AP tests, ass hat? Or did they not have those back when you went to Pangea High?

    • havoc2055 Block User @angryninjamutant listen red neck trailer can't even type "college degree" properly...admit your an uneducated white gurl with daddy issues cuz he fucked ur ass when u were younger and now u carry his webbed feet baby of his everywhere u go.and trust me sweety in terms of education you can't compete with a P.H.D candidate so go fuck urself dumb white bitch

    • angryninjamutant Block User @havoc2055 so wait...first I am a native american, then I am trailer trash, and now I am an incestual hillbilly girl? You are stupid. How did I not type it "properly"? am I supposed to go get my microscope and tweezers and type with my dick, just like you? Some of us can actually find our equipment without the aid of things like that like you...

    • What school are you attending? I am going to drive down there and remove your head from your ass to make room for my foot, bitch

    • yappertrap Block User she dont need more of that ice cream she need to do some situps.

    • Punchy871 Block User a Disrespect to us Native American Indian people Especially to our Native women.

    • Im Navajo coming from Arizona and for me personally i think this video Sux and its a Low Blow

    • manofloins Block User came...

    • RussX5Z Block User Cute girl. She looks like a normal unsuperficial looking women.

    • Goofus5453 Block User Im in love.

    • xNativeDreamsx Block User nasty slut

    • SirCodyRips Block User @lezlielicous im cherokee indian and none of us talk with the disrespect that just came out of your mouth you need to stop being black and go back to africa toby

    • lezlielicous Block User l3t me tell yall white bitches sumthin



    • samantha7458 Block User wat da fawk most of em ya so called ndn gals don't know bout ya putting em on da net so wat gives ya da rights and em gals are like a sista 2 me...they are and as 4 you bet peps looking 4 ya ya black ahole

    • reddog694uk Block User Okay Danica, Tell me what wisdom you have about survival skills and outdoor living. Did you hunt down that ice cream cone using traditional tracking methods?

    • Thank You.

    • polychronio Block User she loooks European.

    • 1bluemiata Block User Danica is Native Ojibwe Indian & Italian :)

      • samantha7458 Block User rofl roaddrobe huh really show how stupid she is eh? and as if she gets paid dat much and her bro ya right more like her boyfriend its no wonder ya johns drive right on by you and ya bf pretend ya have 2 run away from ya johns and ripingg em off how dimb if ya make dat much money ya wouldn't be doing dat and ya pic's on ndn girls wit danica God girl gain some weight and hessy watever? her name is jessica lynn

      • areyoulying Block User shit, but yeah.

      • ladysinger12 Block User man dumb woman, makes us native woman look bad

      • ryleyazzie Block User @ladysinger12 

      • an adult woman can do as she pleases. just because you don't agree with her choices doesn't mean she has to accept responsibility for "making native woman look bad" thats quite a heavy load don't you think. in reality, its the hoards of native women who are uneducated single teen mothers on welfare that make native women look bad. im navajo, i know.

      • ladysinger12 Block User @ryleyazzie umm, im navajo too:D

      • PAULBUNDZ Block User lmfao roaddrobe dumbass ahaha

      • samantha7458 Block User ya right michelle....JELOUS lmao as if ya don't make dat much and wats there 2b jelous about ya nothing but bones..good a guy told me he fucked ya and said he can feel ya ribs not meat gain some lbs ya look sick,literly sick get tested and maybe ya should use condoms more

      LadyMelixa Block User me next! 3 weeks ago

        • Doobie1975 Block User you can tell she's laughing

        • Subkev1961 Block User Pity we could Not get a Glimpse of her Ass. She is a Very Sexy Lady & I would have Liked to see her Ass getting Spanked.1 week ago

        • samantha7458 Block User holy ya should have respect 4 the baby in you and at least stay

        • off the streets and drugs 4 9mths instead of makeing ya baby sick bettet yet get ya f-ing tubes
        •  tied and now ya prego again wat ya gonna make this one a porn star to? NO SHAME!!!

        • cassbilly Block User hot sexy

        • samantha7458 Block User awe jabway my chum how can ya do this to her(ndngirls) ya know am a good friend of hers and have alot of respect 4 her and da others ya know we do wat we do 4 our habits and den some1 week ago

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